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    Top 70 Big Data Companies In Ukraine

    November 30, 2021

    Partnering with a strong and trustworthy software development company is the key to your project’s success. Those closest to the business problems need to collaborate with those closest to the technology to manage risk and ensure proper alignment. This involves thinking about how to democratize the data engineering. It’s also helpful to build out a few simple end-to-end use cases to get early wins, understand the limitations and engage users. Thus, data management teams should plan out the types, schemas and uses of data before deploying big data systems. But that’s easier said than done, said Travis Rehl, vice president of product at cloud management platform vendor CloudCheckr. Cooperation with Geomotiv was smooth and productive, and we were pleased to have such a company as a partner.

    We needed to develop a solution for player churn prediction in the game. Geomotiv provided continual interactions with our team and helped define critical features that would predict the churn. Geomotiv designs, develops and delivers native and cross-platform mobile solutions of virtually any complexity level.

    Abto Software

    Indeed, an outsourcing team starts delivering results faster, but it’s not because they’re so much better at time management. While you’re looking for an in-house team lead who will be gathering, onboarding, and training a team of data analysts, an outsourced team could have already been working.

    big data outsource ukraine

    This is a huge benefit as compared to many other outsourcing regions worldwide. Ukrainian developers are the best in terms of delivering cybersecurity solutions, according to HackerRank challenge. Poland topped the list for Java applications, the Czech Republic for Shell, and Hungary for Tutorials. Outsourcing helps cope with industry regulations and cybersecurity. Managed Services Providers have to comply with multiple regulations like GDPR and refine their workflows in terms of ensuring the security and integrity of the data they process. For the businesses, this means that all the regulatory compliance issues and risks are dealt with on the outsourcing partner’s side.

    List Of The Top Ukraine It Services Companies

    Reduce operational costs by ensuring superior service quality in medical billing & coding, pharmacy, transcription, & teleradiology, etc. It opened new offices in the United States, Poland, London, Amsterdam, Sofia, and, Stockholm and began a still running greater-than 20% per year growth streak. In In 2018 the company revenue was estimated to have surpassed the $250 million mark. By the end of 2020, despite the global pandemic, the company grew by at least 20%, reaching an estimated $450 million in revenue. In 2015 SoftServe opened a new European headquarters in Lviv, Ukraine.

    big data outsource ukraine

    You’ll be able to build a strong Data Science branch and let your in-house professionals focus solely on your business. You and your team can further rely on insights provided by your offshore unit and center your business activities around them. At the same time, in an offshore model, you’ll retain control over your external team while leaving the burden of administration on the vendor. Solutions as well as solutions for smaller data-driven organizations. With such a vast pool of Data Science specialists, you’ll be able to scale up fast, adding developers with the skills you need. Units as teams of Big Data specialists that work from a foreign country, located in another time zone.

    N-iX is migrating a supply chain cloud system to a native cloud environment, introducing great flexibility and scalability. Adding to the system, they’ve created new business use cases and moved into design. As software began to gather more and more data, the data itself became more unstructured. Out of the need to keep track of all of this raw material, data science was born. Read the case study to know how a top Indian bank approached Flatworld Solutions for Data Integration & advanced analytics to streamline performance & lower operating costs.

    What Are The Benefits Of A Data Lake?

    SoftServe, Inc., founded in 1993 in Lviv, Ukraine, is a technology company specializing in consultancy services and software development. SoftServe provides services in the fields of big data, Internet of things, cloud computing, DevOps, e-commerce, computer security, experience design, and health care. With its United States headquarters in Austin, Texas and European headquarters in Lviv, Ukraine, the company employed more than 10,000 people in offices in 2021. It is one of the largest employer for software developers in Eastern Europe, and the largest outsourcing and outstaffing IT company in Ukraine. Many companies in the US search for dedicated teams providing remote cloud computing administration.

    Thoughts on Ukraine – International Association of Privacy Professionals

    Thoughts on Ukraine.

    Posted: Thu, 24 Feb 2022 08:00:00 GMT [source]

    With the help of the latest technology, our team sees the real impact of data and transforms it into actionable insights. We can evaluate the current state of your system, help you draft the optimal BI strategy, and define the must-have stages to facilitate successful implementation.

    We can build new cloud infrastructure on AWS, GCP, Digital Ocean, VMWare or OpenShift from scratch to meet your project requirements, or we can perform the transition to the cloud for Scaled agile framework your existing systems. International business rating agency Clutch.co from Washington, D.C. Lists more than 1,600 web development and IT services providers from Eastern Europe.


    There is no domain that I can’t handle, although if it is completely new for me I will require some time to invstigate this domain specifics. In which ones I have experience – e-commerce, FinTech, Entertainment, Supply Chains, e-health, e-gov. Having developed large-scale enterprise projects, Bluepes teams have extensive experience automating business processes and complex architectures with .Net Frameworks and Azure Cloud Services.

    • Compared to Russia, Ukraine enjoys a similar IT infrastructure but has more opportunities due to access to the EU market.
    • In 2019, Ukraine’s IT sector attracted over $544 million in investments, with US venture capital firms well-represented among investors.
    • Our team specializes in consulting, data visualization, custom reporting, data health, and BI testing.
    • We have ample experience with the design and implementation of Big Data solutions and tools like R language, JuPyteR Notebook, Apache Hadoop, Kafka, Cassandra, Spark and Storm, and other platforms.
    • A legal firm partner hired SLM Software to provide web development services.

    Pentalog’s consultants will help you find the solution that best fits your needs with an optimal quality-price ratio. That’s true whether your primary goal is shortening your software project’s delivery time, boosting your teams’ capacity to scale your product, or cutting IT-related costs.

    American customers are the largest consumers of Ukraine’s IT services, accounting for 50 percent of clients big data outsourcing nationally. In total, Ukrainian IT firms do business with over one hundred Fortune 500 companies.

    Analytics And Data Science On Big Data

    Ukraine is located in the UTC+2 time zone, which makes the country a convenient destination for both offshore and nearshore outsourcing. If you’re in Europe, your business hours will be practically the same as the working hours of your remote team in Ukraine. This is why clients from the USA and Western Europe may find software development rates in Ukraine very affordable, if not cheap. By outsourcing IT development to Ukraine, Western Europe’s companies are likely to save 40 to 60% of their total in-house IT spending. Ukraine has a wide talent pool of IT professionals with top quality skills. They offer great professional development opportunities and provide one of the highest compensations on the market.

    big data outsource ukraine

    But Ukraine is one of the closest to Israel, both in terms of geographic location and mindset. Plus, Israelites don’t need a visa to travel to Ukraine and vice versa.

    They also need to meet requirements for performance, scalability, timeliness, security and data governance. In addition, implementation costs must be considered upfront, as they can quickly spiral out of control. Big data is exactly what it sounds like – big portions of data that are being processed to reveal certain trends, patterns, and associations, especially the ones related to human behavior. Big data is impossible to process using traditional methods and is surely impossible to process by humans, it is simply too vast.

    Dataroot Labs

    Today, businesses worldwide outsource call centers, support jobs, etc. besides software development. A report from S&P Global found that cloud architects and data scientists are among the most in-demand positions in 2021. One strategy for filling them is to partner with software development services companies that have already built out talent pools. Our business domain knowledge, proven methodologies, and skilled software developers’ expertise help us excel in delivering tailor-made solutions for various customer needs. We have worked on end-to-end outsourced product development for applications such as ERP, CRM, CMS, asset management, eCommerce, ad serving, and much more. Development of Big Data solutions is a crucial component of a successful long-term Big Data strategy.

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